LTB/400® Aviation Management System


Overview software functions      

LTB/400® is one of the leading solutions specifically designed for the aviation industry. This software supports all technical aspects of your organization and integrates seamlessly with your technical and business processes:

  • Maintenance Management (MRO)
  • Purchasing & Inventory module
  • Component Management
  • Quality Management
  • CAMO, Flight Operation and Fleet Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Interfaces to accounting system or other Systems



Significant features of the LTB/400® System         

  • Covers all functions of an aviation CAMO and MRO organization
  • Designed for mid-size companies
  • Reliable hotline support and assistance
  • Consideration of individual requirements
  • Continuous improvements through feedback from clients, workshops and user meetings
  • Modular structure, integrated through a common Master Data Management
  • Document Management Module including revision service
  • Flight Operations Module (Input through Web or Tablet)
  • CRM Module including Project Management
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Export to Excel, Excel Reporting, Form Generator etc.
  • Several interface options, e.g. SAP, Datev, CAMP, Abacus, Time Line
  • Multi-client capability



Your Benefits with LTB/400®      

  • With LTB/400®, all data is recorded locally and managed centrally
  • Editing can be done at any time and at any location
  • LTB/400® calculates and monitors all important appointments and you will receive one in time warning
  • LTB / 400® provides you with the information you need at any time
  • Traceability
  • Reliability
  • Capability
  • LTB/400® manages individual access rights
  • Short and on-schedule project introduction phases with LTB/400®
  • Less need for training as LTB/400® comes from practice and has been developed for
  • daily business
  • Save money and time with simple and clear LTB/400® processes
  • LTB/400® is a fail-safe system with the best quality at an optimal price-performance Ratio



Cost Savings

  • Considerable man hours can be saved by peerless digital work flow
  • LTB/400® monitors and controlls your Inventory
  • You can increase sales with identical man power
  • Work orders from customers / the CAMO can be imported easily
  • LTB/400® provides you an accurate and immediate overview over your orders
  • Control over the system and able to produce  transparent invoice for the user and customer within seconds
  • Time savings of  2 to 4 hours for one invoice
  • Advanced planning for due and up coming maintenance activities
  • Time savings per aircraft per week approximately 5 hour