MRO Add-on Modules


(KAL) Cost and Margin Calculation   

Margins and efficiency per Work Order can be calculated with data from modules Work Order
Processing, Material, Purchasing and Time Tracking:

  • Cost and margin analysis per Work Order in total and detailed for labor, material and supplies
  • Margin evaluation per task and Work Order with sorting functions
  • Interim cost (margin calculation of Work Orders in process)
  • Consideration of surcharges, discounts, etc.
  • Project Calculation Report
  • Quotation Calculation
  • Display margins at the push of button in the work order
  • Status overview of all open sales orders



(OPV) Accounts Receivable/Payable Management

This module is a tool to control debtors and creditors including credit limits independent from the
financial system:

  • Management and administration of accounts receivable/payable
  • Automatic update with every invoice
  • Customer credit limit consideration and warning message
  • Pre-payments taken into account
  • Posting of incoming and outgoing payments



(ODA) OEM Price List   

With the module manufacturer price lists can be imported and managed:

  • Import of OEM price lists
  • Reliable and frequent update of price information, and currency guaranteed
  • Master Data can be imported from price lists and created with it



(GWP) Visual Hangar Planning

Capacity (hangar and man-power) planning tool:

  • Graphical overview of all Work Orders based on the hangar / docks
  • Overview of resources available in each activity
  • Planning resources and performance
  • Color display for overlays, bottlenecks and possible conflicts
  • Distribution and management of human resources
  • Different views



(DMS) Document Management System   

LTB/400® offers an integrated document management system:

  • Storage of all documents in a separate database
  • Documents can not be deleted accidentally
  • Access to the document management system also via the web browser



(TIM) Technical Information Management System

Including the module (AWD) - AD & SB Administration

  • Assignment of part numbers and TIMS groups to AD and SB documents
  • The original documents of the ADs and SBs can be downloaded directly as a PDF
  • Transfer to the master data of the parts
  • Run a digital record on part numbers with serial number
  • Tracking of parts with the assigned documents in the warehouse



(APS) Application Service   

Application service for automatic notification and storage of documents.

  • Documents / printouts can be stored automatically in a file directory
    • Offer
    • Delivery notes
    • Invoice
    • Technical documents (work order, work report)
  • Email notification, e.g. with new complaints



(TLP) Presence Time Tracking

This module can record and monitor the presence of your employees:

  • Electronic recording of presence time
  • Flexible programming of contractual/committed presence time (daily/monthly) as well as absences
  • Consideration of presence times with surcharges (overtime, national holidays, weekends)
  • Immediate access to all time-records
  • Automatic generation and recording of target presence time vs. actual presence
  • Automatic adjustment of actual presence in case of changes in contractual target times
  • Recording of absences (national holidays, illness, vacation, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of contractual target times
  • Transfer of presence time data into payroll
  • Booked attendance hours can be transferred via interface (module PZE) to LTB/400®, so that a comparison of presence and productivity on a list is possible