(PM) Project Management


 Visual Workload Planning (GWP)

  • Resource planning
  • Overview of activities, utilization and potential conflicts
  • Assignment of resources or change on the planning board
  • Different views
    • Maintenance work order
    • Utilization of technicians
    • presentation Tools


Project Management System (PMS)

  • Graphical planning of project tasks (drag & drop)
  • Defining and monitoring dependencies
  • Recording of fixed dates
  • Project planning
  • Comparison of project budget, schedule and actual times and costs
  • Integrated activity recording (time and cost)
  • Simple analysis of recorded activities
  • Exporting of activity data to Excel
  • With internal and external hourly rates
  • Final costing


Flight Operation System (FOS)

  • Role Based System
    Pilot, Air Traffic Management, Technical Management, Technician
  • Open mission status overview
  • Add flight mission,  special misson
  • Flight Preparation (Daily check, Preflight check)
  • F&M Report, A/C Overview, RTS History
  • Flightlog
  • Pilot and Flight Crew
  • Fleet status and export to Excel
  • Open item list
  • Release to service
  • Configuration list


Flight Planing (FEP)


  • Client’s Master Data - multi client capable, locations, company`s calendar
  • Employee’s Master Data - flight instructors, employees & extrenal trainers
  • Customer Master Data - pilot trainees, charter customers, sightseeing customers etc.
  • Resources Master Data - aircraft’s capacity utilisation,  training classrooms, flight simulators
  • User rights management - access authorization
  • Types of flights - training, sightseeing, charter, special purpose, etc.

Flight Operation

  • Reservation schedule for aircrafts and resources, i.e. training or maintenance
  • Information for the respective user regarding scheduled procedures by email or text message
  • Flight time recording (training, sightseeing, charter, etc.)
  • Invoicing / Clearance for trainers, trainees and customers
  • Link to METAR
  • Scheduled Maintenance

Views, Reports & Statistics

  • Creating Flight Book, Logbook and Techlog on demand
  • Statistics (workload of instructors, aircraft, resources, etc.)
  • Form for pilot trainees requesting an examination at the LBA
  • Coupon Management
  • Interface to accounting systems (optional module for transfer of invoices)