CAMO Modules


(BZU) Aircraft and Component Tracking

Key function for the reliable tracking of aircraft inspection intervals of component life limits:

  • Due dates for inspections
  • Due dates for LLP components
  • Due dates for AD’s and SB’s
  • Tracking of findings
  • Individual planning horizon
  • Automatic update of removal, replacement and installation data
  • Tracking of accumulated and remaining hours
  • Flight data captured through the CAMO or Flight Operations.
  • Calculation of Cycles based on manufacturer’s information (e.g. Pratt & Whitney)



(BFB) Findings from Flight Operations/Hangar   

Complain through a Hold Item List (HIL) and monitor in LTB/400®:

  • Recording and tracking of findings
  • Monitors completion deadlines
  • Data transfer to Module “AVL“ for further processing
  • Generation of Job Cards
  • Reliability Reports
  • Individual User rights for recording and documenting the findings



(AWD) AD and SB Administration

With our AD and SB Update Service we provide our customers with current LBA, EASA and FAA relevant Ads as well as manufacturer SBs information:

  • Frequent and reliable update of all latest AD’s and SB’s for service fee
  • Individual allocation to aircraft and components
  • AD and SB documents are linked in pdf format
  • All necessary instructions and cross references included
  • Direct transfer to Job Cards
  • Administration of own documents and SB’s
  • Create Review certificate