(SD) Sales & Distribution


Calculation of Time and Material (KAL)

Margins and efficiency per Work Order can be calculated out of the modules Work Order Processing, Material, Purchasing and Time Tracking

  • Margin analysis by task and material
  • Cost of supplies, subcontracts, material, personnel
  • Surcharges
  • Discounts
  • Interim calculation of Work Orders in process


Offer Management (ANG)

With this module quotations are generated, tracked, modified and calculated:

  • Creation of quotations including options, modifications and revisions
  • Quote tracking
  • Consideration of various customers
    (e.g. Pay by the hour, OEM warranties)
  • Time- and resources planning
  • Adjustment, addition of quotations following commencement of work
  • Calculation of costs and margins
  • Surcharge calculation, mark ups
    (Parts, sub contracts, third party supplies, off site missions etc.)


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Defined responsibilities, transparent planning of schedules and tasks
  • Access to all necessary data
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction
  • Professional information availability and targeted discussion
  • Increased efficiency in all administrative departments
  • Improvement of inquiry and quotation processing
  • User optimized introduction – modular solution
  • Supports strategic management
  • Identification of trends
  • Protection of investments – solution is capable of being integrated in existing applications
  • Knowledge approach due to joint database
  • Combines paper format with electronic documentation


Invoice Plus (ERV)

  • To split invoices
  • Complete invoices can be divided by percentage rates into various invoice recipients
  • Invoices can be split by order item
  • A combination of division within the order header and the position is also possible
  • Recording and splitting of pre-payments
  • Cancellation of a split invoice