CAMO Add-on Modules


(FLG) Flight Operation and Mission Logs

To record all accumulated operational/mission data:

  • Type of operation
  • Take-off location/time and landing location/time
  • Type of flight (VFR, IFR, night VFR)
  • Flight times for the crew considering sunrise/sunset
  • Fuel & Oil
  • Application sites, requester, location, use of equipment
  • Staff, Rank, Qualifications and Functions
  • Injury, hospitals and insurance
  • Types of training, types of disturbances, reasons
  • Hoist Usage



(CAM) CAMO Web Server

Collect flight data via the internet:

  • Flight data entry via web or manually
  • Reliable surveillance of flight data recording and due dates
  • Transfer of data to CAMO
  • Report of aircraft due items per aircraft and remaining times
  • Complains can also be recorded on request