BASIC Modules

  • Basic modules are required for each package
  • All 6 basic modules STA, AUF, BST, LAG, INV and AVL are required for the MRO package
  • Only the basic modules STA, AUF and AVL are required for the CAMO package
  • All 6 basic modules are required for the „CAMO & MRO“ package
  • For each module, you will always find the corresponding icon in the top left, indicating how you are affiliated



(STA) Master Data Management

Data of all LTB/400® modules are managed, compiled and saved in a single master database to ensure fully integrated data management. The following main data are processed through this module: 

  • Aircraft Master Data
  • Parts and Assy Master Data
  • Component Master Data
  • Purchase Management
  • Supplier Data
  • Inventory Management including stocktaking
  • Customer Data Base
  • Order Processing & Invoicing
  • Parameter database
  • Client administration and license management


(AUF) Order Processing / Invoicing

Generation of Orders and creation of Invoices:

  • Generation of Orders for services and/or supplies
  • Creation of work orders (work package)
  • Preliminary Invoices
  • Pro-Forma Invoices
  • Prepayment Invoices
  • Invoicing by work progress
  • Final Invoice with detailed structure of labor, material and supplies
  • Allows manual adjustments of Invoices
  • Maintenance record  cover sheet
  • Daily information report
  • Tally sheet
  • Link to external documents



(BST) Purchase Management

All functions from ordering through goods receipt:

  • Manual Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Automatic Purchase Orders (PO) resulting from minimum stock or zero stock
  • “Just-in-Time” Purchasing improves cash flow
  • Purchase Order tracking
  • Supplier Data Base
  • Supplier Price Lists including updates (also available as LTB400 service)
  • Invoice control and approval
  • Customs, discounts, VAT etc.
  • Goods receipt: Incoming inspection and processing
  • Assign material certificates to the goods receipt
  • Repair Order
  • Exchange Order



(LAG) Material Management

Reliable administration of all logistic activities including material availability and stock optimization:    

  • Incoming, reservations, and outgoing of material
  • Material movement tracking via barcode Tracking of Life Limited Parts (LLP)
  • Stocktaking (permanent, by date, variable)
  • Material/Parts value: Value calculation - inventory calculation - purchase price –
  • value adjustments - depreciation
  • Tracking of Exchange- and Core Parts
  • Inventory adjustments and optimization through analysis of non- or slow-moving parts
  • Automatic material ordering (minimum stock, zero stock, max./min. disposition)
  • Administration of warranty components and customer supplied material
  • RMA – Easily manage returns of goods



(INV) Inventory Management

For special cases, we also offer the possibility of deviating inventory - assessment of parts:

  • Stock Evaluation (date, permanent, variable)
  • depreciation / amortization
  • Checklists and Reports
  • Inventory assessment of parts



(AVL) Maintenance Planning

Administration, planning, preparation and tracking of all maintenance activities:

  • Generation and updating of the Directory for Work Scopes and Expenditures
  • Creation of Job Cards (paperless as digital Job Cards)
  • Automatic disposition of required material (Ordering/Purchasing - Reservation –
  • Work Order allocation)
  • Work Order and staff resource planning
  • Work Order target labor times, allocated staff and required tooling
  • Labor man-hour tracking by barcode
  • Administration of additional findings
  • Work Order statistical and analytical data
  • Tracking of work in process
  • Status report for clients
  • Assignment staff to the job
  • Administration of components incl. findings