(BP) Basic Package

Data of all LTB/400® modules are managed, compiled and saved in a single master database to ensure fully integrated data management. The following main data are processed through this module:

  • Component master data
  • Purchase data
  • Suppliers & price lists
  • Inventory allocation
  • Component life and time tracking
  • Customer data base
  • Inspections
  • Aircraft master data
  • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) und Service Bulletins (SBs)


Order Processing (AUF)

Work Order Completition including Invoicing and Work Report:

  • Automatic generation of invoices from Job Cards, time tracking, material consumption and supplies/subcontracts
  • Preliminary Invoice, Pro Forma Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Invoicing by work progress
  • Final Invoice with a detailed structure of tasks, material and supplies
  • Invoice attachment: details of material and subcontracts
  • Automatic generation of the Work Report
  • Allows manual adjustments of invoices and Work Reports


Purchase Management (BST)

All functions from ordering procedure throughout incoming goods.

  • Manual purchase orders
  • Automatic purchase orders resulting from minimum stock or zero stock
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Supplier data base
  • Supplier price lists including updates (also available as LTB/400® service)
  • Invoice check and approval
  • Customs, discounts, VAT etc.
  • Incoming goods


Material Management (LAG)

Reliable administration of all logistic activities including availability and stock optimization  

  • Stock management
  • Inventury (permanent, by date, variable)
  • Incoming goods - reservations - outgoing goods
  • Goods movement tracking via barcode (also wireless)
  • Life time restricted parts
  • Parts value / value calculation / inventory calculation / purchase price / value adjustments / depreciation
  • Tracking of exchange  and core parts
  • Inventory adjustments and optimization through analysis of non- or slow-moving parts
  • Automatic material ordering (minimum stock, zero stock, max./min. disposition)
  • Administration of warranty components and customer supplied material


Inventory Management (INV)

For special cases, we also offer the possibility of deviating inventory - assessment of parts.

  • Inventory (date, permanent, variable)
  • depreciation / amortization
  • Inventory assessment of parts


Adaption of Forms (ANF)

The system has a large number of forms and reports. You can print them on your stationary or on plain paper. We can customize these forms for you, so they fit your stationary and contain your address, logo, bank account or other information you need.