(CA) CAMO & Flight Operation


CAMO Web Interface (CAM)

Reliable surveillance and control of continuous airworthiness:

  • Flight data recording and monitoring of maintenance due dates and due items
  • Flight data entry and monitoring via web and manual
  • Compliance check - eliminates  error entry
  • Automatic warning messages
  • Direct access for the operator (web-based interface) – status information
  • Maintenance Tracking Board shows all due items per aircraft and remaining times
  • Generates CAMO Work Order to MRO facility
  • Maintenance plan by aircraft S/N
  • Integration (interface) for downloading maintenance due data from OEM Systems


Planning Board (PLA)

  • Visualization of inspections due to
  • Calendar orientation, hours, cycles or landings
  • Already overdue, but also  future maintenance
  • Tolerance period
  • Placing an order at the maintenance facility for a task
  • Values for the warning limit
  • Indication whether a task has been assigned
  • Tasks to be marked as done manually


Flight Operation and Mission Logs (FLG)

With the Flight Operation and Mission Logs module all accumulated data of operation eg.

  • Type of operation
  • Starting location / starting time, landing location / landing time
  • Type of flight (VFR, IFR, night VFR)
  • Flight times for the crew considering sunrise / sunset
  • Equipment

will be recorded and made ​​available for analysis.


Aircraft and Component Tracking (BZU)

Key function for the reliable tracking of component life limits and inspection intervals:

  • Due dates for components
  • Due dates for inspections
  • Due dates and criteria for AD and SB implementation
  • Findings
  • Individual planning horizon
  • Automatic update of removal, replacement and installation data
  • Registration of accumulated and remaining hours
  • Flight data are captured through the CAMO or Flight Operations module


Findings from Flight Operations (BFB)

  • Different access rights
  • Monitors the completion deadlines
  • Hand over to "Job planning" for further processing
    Create a Job Card



iPad Flight Operation (IFE)

  • Flying missions over iPad captured later or planned previously
  • Access rights
  • Morning check, with transmission of current meter readings
  • Power check, daily check
  • Fuel & oil
  • Complaints
  • Technical log