(MM) Maintenance Management


Maintenance Process Planning (AVL)

Administration, planning, preparation and tracking of all maintenance activities:

  • Creation of Job Cards (paperless as digital Job Cards)
  • Automatic disposition of required material
    (reservation – Work Order allocation – ordering)
  • Visual Work Order and staff resource planning
  • Display of Work Order completion times, allocated staff and required tooling
  • Manhour tracking by Barcode *
  • Work Order statistical and analytical data
  • Tracking of work in process, status report for the customer
    (status of Job Cards: completed, in progress, open)

*optional: Staff in-out time tracking



Labour Time Tracking by Barcode (LEI)

  • Working time tracking for each job / job card
  • Actual amount of work for each job
  • Overtime and overtime bonuses are taken into account
  • Analysis of monthly working hours for each employee
  • Working hours per task, job, customer or aircraft
  • Comparison of actual v needed time per order or division
  • Hours worked and remedy text for the analysis and resolution of a Problem



Digital Jobcard (ARB)

  • Creation of Job Cards as digital work cards „paperless“
  • Complete overview of all Job Cards
  • All sequences are captured electronically and have digital signatures



Booking out Parts by Barcode (WAB)

  • Automatic, fast and error-free goods bookings
  • Barcode Label
  • Inventory control and seamless parts used list