(DM) Document Management


AD and SB Administration (LTA)

The LTB400 Aviation Software GmbH provides for its clients all current LBA, EASA and FAA applicable AD data, as well as manufacturer’s SB information:

  • Frequent and reliable update of all latest ADs and SBs
  • Individual allocation for aircraft types and components
  • AD and SB documents are displayed in pdf format
  • All necessary instructions and cross references are shown
  • Direct transfer to job cards
  • Own documents and SBs can be also managed


BBAL Printing Official Forms (AFD)

The BBAL module supports the creation of official forms. It is also a tool for statistics and
analytical evaluations:

  • Official / regulatory forms (e.g. Form One, Release to Service)
    Transfer Protocol, Check-list of Maintenance Reports, Aircraft Time Overview, AD & SB Overview, Test-Run Report, Test-Flight Report, Check List, Work Report, Type Approval Extension Report, Avionic Test Report, Weight and Balance Report, Aircraft Calibration Report, Compansation Report, Altimeter Test Report, Static Pressure Test Report, Release to Service, Revision Check, JAA Form One, Maintenance Report, Retrofit Report
  • Individual forms required by customers
  • Statistical analysis (orders on hand, reliability reports, parts consumption data, margins etc.)


Historical Record (LAK)

This LTB/400® Module generates automatically a detailed and digital record.

  • Automatic generation of digital records (aircraft, engines, components)
  • Confirmation of AD and SB implementation


Form Generator (FGR)

  • Free design of forms
  • Templates are Word documents
  • Data transfer from LTB/400 ® or the planning board


Document Management System (DMS)

  • LTB/400® offers an integrated document management system
  • In addition to the linking of files in LTB/400® the DMS allows alternative storage of documents on the DMS Server
  • Access to the document management system also via the Internet.
  • Transferring incoming scans documents into the document management
  • DMS server for secure document assignment without „broken“ links