MRO PLUS Modules


(LEI) Labor Time Tracking

Fast and simple tracking of labor times:

  • Labor time tracking for each job/Job Card
  • Overtime and overtime surcharges taken into account
  • Analysis of monthly working hours for each employee
  • Tracking of man- hours per task, job, customer or aircraft
  • Comparison of target/actual time per order or department/unit
  • Various possibilities for the evaluation and analysis of work performance (e.g. productivity)
  • Booking working hours via barcode
  • Working time tables and monthly schedules



(ARB) Digital Job Card

The LTB/400® Digital Job Card improves considerably the efficiency of MRO management:

  • Generation of Job Cards as digital Job Cards „paperless“
  • Complete overview/management of all Job Cards
  • Digital data input and digital signatures
  • Recording of all additional findings
  • Material monitoring and material requirement
  • Generation of Work Reports from completed Job Cards
  • Job Cards for supplies and services
  • Comparison of target man-hours vs. actual man-Hours



(ANG) Quotation Management

With this module Quotations are generated, tracked, modified and calculated:

  • Creation of Quotations including options, modifications and revisions
  • Quote tracking
  • Consideration of various customers per Quotation (e.g. Pay- by- the- Hour (PBH), OEM warranties, insurance)
  • Time- and resource planning
  • Adjustment and additions of Quotations following commencement of work – supplementary offer
  • Calculation of costs and margins
  • Surcharge calculation, mark ups (parts, sub contracts, third party supplies, off-site missions etc.)
  • Takeover of offer in order with one click



(ERV) Invoice Plus  

This module increases the flexibility to generate specific invoices:

  • Split invoices to multiple bill recipients
  • Complete invoices can be divided into various invoice recipients by percentage and/or items/tasks
  • Recording and splitting of pre-payments
  • Cancellation of split invoices
  • Warranty Services Administration
  • Customs invoice



(MQL) Employee Qualification License Administration

With this module you manage the licenses and qualifications of your employees:

  • Individual table of types of licenses (Part-66)
  • Practical experience records
  • Planning of employees/capabilities
  • Employee assignment to Work Orders
  • Shift calendar/assignment
  • LTB/400® User rights
  • Shift calendar
  • Manage A/C type rating of employees
  • Manage company permissions (e.g. Human Factors)



(EBV) Supplier Rating  

With this module the goods deliveries are evaluated and analysed:

  • Monitoring of target and actual delivery dates
  • Recording of deviations (delivery, quality etc.)
  • Claim records and statistics
  • Individual rejection notification template
  • Supplier rating reports (export in Excel files possible)



(FGR) Form Generator

With this module you can integrate your own forms or customize LTB/400® forms according to your wishes:

  • Based on Excel templates documents
  • Data import from LTB/400®
  • The following forms are delivered with the module:
    Weighing Report, Modification Report, Release to Service, Checklist, Inspection Report Static 
    Pressure System, Inspection Report Altimeter, Inspection Report Electronic Equipment, Inspection Certificate, 
    Aircraft Inspection Report, Compensation Report, Maintenance Inspection, 
    Flight Report, RPS Review, Attendance Report, Order Transfer Protocol, Run-up Report, etc.