OPS Modules


(IFE) Tablet Flight Operation

Operational data entry via windows tablet:

  • Flight data recording
  • Individual User rights
  • Daily check, with transmission of actual data
  • Power Check (helicopter)
  • Detecting Fuel & Oil
  • Findings/Defects
  • Technical Log
  • Feedback to Flight Planning/CAMO



(FEP) Flight Operation System

Flight operation system module, especially for helicopter operator:

  • License types and license monitoring
  • Notification system
  • Qualification for the flight order
  • Own flight orders / types of equipment
  • Record resources and services for flight use
  • Authorities, departments, mission types
  • Employee administration, Crew and resource planning
  • Shift plans
  • Graphical view of the flight orders
  • Flight order, flight operations and findings
  • Refueling, landing fees, etc.
  • Evaluation options with export to Excel
  • Invoicing
  • Interface to accounting