(FI) Finance

TL Financial Accounting (TLF)

  • Capable for multi-client and consolidation
  • Up to 99 terms can be posted
  • Unlimited number of company codes and tax keys
  • Integrated accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Different types of reminder with distinguished words, levels
  • Sub-ledger for several cash desks
  • Foreign currency posting is possible with simultaneous price management
  • Definition of individual document types for controlling automatic posting
  • Document entry according business Areas


TL Cost and Management Accounting (TLK)

  • Cost categories, cost centers and cost objects
  • Cost categories: consideration of the cost in 3 dimensions
  • Time – item - content
  • Cost splitting: dynamic, percentage, time-based or fixed
  • Automatic allocation posting
  • Tariff bookings: including the tariffs which are provided by the cost centers
  • Compensation of benefits among cost centers is possible


TL Asset Accounting (TLA)

  • Evaluation of depreciation in 3 valuation levels possible
    HGB – cost accounting – law of taxation
  • Depreciation – linear, declining or performance-related
  • Concerning the half-year regulation, once per month or per day
  • Evaluation of the cost accounting depreciation
  • Special depreciation


TL Staff Work Time (TLP)

  • Accurate billing of working hours
  • Creation of any number of individual daily, weekly and pause models
  • Definition of aggregate models
  • All stampings are available immediately
  • Automatic generation and recording of target and actual times
  • All changes of labor and downtime automatically cause the correction of the actual and overtime
  • Care of sick leave manually as global absences (holidays, quiet operation) and personal absences (eg, illness, holidays, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of the desired times
  • Automatic transfer of personnel time recording data in the payroll program


TL Wages and Salaries Accounting (TLL)

  • Wage and salary administration simpel and safe
  • Regular revisions keep the program up-dated
  • Validation during data entry
  • Automatic preparation of monthly and annual reports
  • Preparation of certificates
  • Remote transmission of DEÜV-reports, statements of contribution paid, electronic certificates and contribution charges
  • Wage-tax return, transfer of tax data via ELSTER
  • Administration of vacation and times absent
  • Company pension scheme (pension pools, pension fund, benevolent funds, direct insurance)
  • Automatic evaluation of precise amount for garnishment
  • (U1/U2) Electronic imprest account procedure
  • GDPdU Export-Data configuration for auditors
  • ITSG certified


TL Staff Rescource Planning (PEP)

  • Procedure of Staff Resource Planning based on departments
  • Assignment of planning objects (machines, department, part) to the employee on a daily basis
  • Recording of target quantity per planning object (per day and shift)
  • Constant comparison planned requirements – fulfilment
  • Recording of absence and day model/ will be transferred to the PZE-calendar
  • Qualification of the personnel


TL Staff Scheduling (PDP)

  • Time-based assignment of personnel concerning departments
  • Classification of planned day models, absence from work
  • Print out of shift schedule of each employee
  • Transfer of plans to PZE, Check-up if system meets with various parameters (distance between 2 shifts, hours per week, etc.)
  • Management of qualifications
  • Colors for shifts are free definable
  • selective and multiple processing
  • Filter of department-related models
  • Shortcut key for shift and absence-model